An Article About Sex, Love, Food, Health, Laughter, Pleasure and Work

March 21, 2017

Have you ever considered how much money people spend to find love, enjoy pleasure or get happiness in their life? In the United States we have the right to pursue happiness and that’s a darn good thing as everyone is quite busy doing just that. Of course, some people find happiness in success in their business life or work, taking pride in a job well done and working an honest day for good pay.

Indeed, this is not all people spend their money on, think of the tremendous amount of money that people spend on their healthcare and staying fit. The other day, we bought a bicycle and spent a good chunk of change just so my wife could stay looking lean and trim. She wants to looks sexy, and well, that’s fine with me.

Life is about the joy and the laughter and the good times, and life is full of adversity too, we’ll call that the pain and the sorrow. But that adversity builds character and character is something you need the most in life. Of course, this article is about sex, love, food, health, laughter, pleasure and work. And really that’s what life is all about.

Eating great food, drinking fine wine, watching a sunset, and enjoying the pleasure, laughter and sex; who could ask for more? Working hard in sports, hobbies, and your profession gives you a sense of strength that allows you to enjoy all the finer things in life, knowing that you deserve them. And folks that’s not only what this article is about, it’s what your life is about.

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